Bored From Quarantine? Make Your Clinical Research Skills Recession-Proof

The UK’s pharmaceutical sector is growing. Encompassing nearly 7,000 companies and with a value that’s estimated to increase from $38.5bn to $63bn by 2022, working in science has never been more exciting- or more interesting. The clinical research field is continuously growing in the healthcare industry, which opens doors to unlimited possibilities for clinical research professionals. This role is one that is always needed to assist in research and findings for informational purposes and advancements in the healthcare industry. With ever-more advanced technologies making their way onto the marketplace, bringing with them the chance to delve even further into everything from medicines to the way that the human body is structured, working in pharmaceuticals brings with it the chance to get involved in one of the country’s most dynamic industries. In some cases, the success of clinical trials rely heavily on the skills and competence of the clinical research assistant. Our program offers a gateway into the profession so that you may be well positioned to become a Clinical Research Associate.

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Starting Your Career as a Clinical Research Professional

The Skilled Nanodegree in Clinical Trials, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs (CTPRA) can offer students the skills and knowledge they need to advance medical knowledge and patient care through clinical trials. After completing this Nano Degree program, graduates will be equipped to conduct trials at research sites, like medical centers and hospitals; pharmaceutical, device or biotechnology companies; and contract research organizations.

In the program, you will learn the foundational terms, concepts and elements of designing and implementing clinical research. You’ll also explore ethical, operational, regulatory and other principles that support successful clinical trials. As an online, live-taught program, students participate in live instruction and discussion, plus self-directed study. It’s designed for health professionals looking to supplement their income through clinical research, or those looking to switch careers in the health field for a more balanced work schedule.

The total investment for the program is $1,199, and students have the option of enrolling in a six-month payment plan. It will take Six (06) months to complete the program, as all students will participate in online classes.

You can help make a difference in people’s lives

Clinical research can make all the difference when it comes to saving peoples’ lives, or improving their quality of life. Not only do clinical trials trial new drugs and medicines for general use by the population, they also tackle diseases that were previously thought incurable, such as heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and nervous system disorders like Alzheimer’s. Even if the work you do might not result in an immediate breakthrough, it will be put in a database where other scientists can study your research and work towards making their own.

You’ll develop if you work with the right companies

Clinical research is an excellent career to get involved in if you want to develop your role and push yourself. Given that the industry expectation is that you need two years of experience within the industry to work as a Clinical Research Associate and monitor tests, there is a shortage of CRAs, but no shortage of talent waiting to be trained.

#British #BioMedicine #Institute #offers #Skilled #NanoDegree in #Clinical #Trials, #Pharmacovigilance and #Regulatory #Affairs ( #CTPRA)

You can put your science degree to good use

Not only is clinical research a fulfilling career, but it’s also a challenging one. Clinical research is responsible for ascertaining how safe and effective drugs, devices and diagnostic products are, and as such it’s a demanding role with plenty of responsibility riding on it.

It’s a varied role

There’s never a dull day when you’re working in clinical research. The sector is ideal if you like variety and you like to be challenged, because apart from setting up, monitoring and closing clinical studies, you’ll also be travelling to different research areas, writing reports, going into the office for meetings and getting to know hundreds of different people- whether as part of the trials or within different companies. Though it can be hard, as you’ll be working with and managing investigators as well as managing the priorities on studies, the job can also open doors into a whole variety of industries and careers, from Project Management to Clinical Operations.

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